Our Proclamation

We, the members of Valley Christian Church of North Highlands repent of our sins that have been committed in this city by the people who live here. We ask your forgiveness for the sins of political corruption, racial prejudice, moral perversion, witchcraft, the occult, and idolatry. We ask forgiveness for the sins of the tongue. We repent and humble ourselves on behalf of the people in our city who do know You as Savior and Lord.

We request that Your will be done in this city. We ask for an outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon this city through us, Your church in North Highlands. Mercy and grace must be made known unto the people of our city. We ask for a spiritual revival among our city leaders and schools causing a turnaround, a return to God, a cleansing, a covering of the love of God.

Visit this city. Visit every home. Guide us through the fields that are already white, ready for harvest. Please do not pass this city by. We also resist the devil and his workers. We resist his forces, the power of the evil that has taken over our city. We resist the spirits that push young people into gangs and murder. We resist the powers of hell in the name of Jesus, to lose their hold on the people of this city.

We proclaim this day that this city is now under the power and influence of the Holy Ghost. Valley Christian Church of North Highlands hereby gives notice that we have set our claim and do hereby evict every evil spirit from this parcel of land. We have no part with you. We must not allow the enemy to make us run off our plot of ground, our claim.